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  • In one world full of locked profiles

  • Knock

  • Show your skills through quizzes and games

  • Unlock new people every day

  • Win Slots.
    Get rewards.
    Be the Top Sloter!

  • Discover Slot!



SlotApp will change the way people meet!
Enter one world full of locked profiles and see through game!
Curious enough?
Just follow those steps

  • Sign Up

    Sign up with your Email, Twitter or Facebook Account.

  • Create your profile

    Complete your profile details, and choose your “Knockname” Everyone is locked and secure here! You have only access to a blur photo and a “Knockname" about them. Would you knock a locked profile?

  • "Knock"

    Scroll a bit at "Home" or search for new Sloters by their “Knockname", gender or Top Sloters. All you have to do is “Knock”

  • The game begins!

    When a Sloter knocks you back, the game begins!
    Show your skills through a series of quizzes, speed and memory games.
    Win Slots and learn everything about the other!
    Every time a Sloter wins, a new info about the other Sloter "gets unlocked".
    Unlocked each other? Congrats! You are a keychain.

  • Chat

    Chat each other for free!


How to “Slot”?

Welcome to one world full of locked profiles. Objective of the game: See through game & meet new people.
Please find the button “settings” on the left of your screen & make your profile fully complete. These info are all locked and blur at the beginning. (Till somebody starts “unlocking” your profile.)
Go to “Home”, search either by gender or Slotname in case you know her/his Slotname and #Knock the ones you would like to play with.
If somebody knocks you back, the game begins! To unlock information about each other, each of the players (Sloters) have to play a series of quizzes, fun, speed and memory games and win Slots. Every time a Sloter wins, a new info about the other Sloter “gets unlocked”.

*At “Me”, you can find your Sloters. Sloters are all of these locked profiles who have either knocked you back or they are waiting for your #Knockback to play.

**DELETE A USER: At “Me”, you can delete a Sloter or a keychain contact, supposing you don’t want him/her to be able to unlock more information about your profile or being in your keychain.
You can delete a user at “Me”, any time you wish.
In case you deleted a Sloter by mistake: Just knock him/her again!

***REPORT A USER: At “Me”, you can also report a user, in case you understand that they may not completely comply with the terms of use or the privacy policy of the app. Thanks for your feedback!
Actually, there is no end of the game at SlotApp. When both of the players (Sloters) manage to “unlock” each other, they are #Keychain and they can chat each other for free.

Or take the chance to send a "Teaser Quiz!", one of the “Guess more about who I am.” ready questions of SlotApp. Let the others type you back their answer. It must be fun! Don't forget to comment on their guess...
Wish you will find your Sloter(s) soon. Go on playing like you flirt!

Which is the role of Slots at SlotApp game?

How can somebody win or lose Slots at SlotApp?
Let’s discover together the “Power” of your Slots.
Every time a player (Sloter) wins a game, she/ he wins a point (Slot), so one more new info about the other Sloter “gets unlocked”. Every time a Sloter uploads one extra photo, she/ he wins an extra Slot, as a reward. The same happens, every time a Sloter has a new notification that somebody else checked her/ his photos.
Every time a Sloter fails to win a game, she/ he unfortunately loses one Slot. Every time a Sloter wishes to have clear view of one of the extra photos of people in her/ his keychain, she/ he loses one Slot for every photo getting “unlocked”.
Slots have power. Because Slots can make a profile be viewable more often than others. For example, Top Sloters are considered to be the best players and the most active players at SlotApp. This is the reason why most people check more often and knock their profiles.
Possibilities for game and flirt are getting more!

The SlotApp quizzes and games

Here you can find mini manuals for each one of the existing games of SlotApp.
Good Luck!
Choose the right answer.
This is a speed game. Touch the purple tiles appearing on your screen, as fast as you can. You win when you succeed 50 times.
You have to navigate an air bubble with the sign of SlotApp. Touch your screen to begin and try to pass through the 3 stages without touching the sky or the purple barriers.
Join the numbers: Match 2 with 2, 4 with 4, 8 with 8, 16 with 16 and finally 32 with 32! You win when you get 64.
Move in the maze by moving your mobile phone. You win when you get to your goal (the sign of SlotApp).
Pop the slot is a fast paced game where players attempt to hit randomly appearing purple dots with the SlotApp logo.
SlotApp says "Pay attention!": This a memory game. After you listen to the piano music, try to remember the rhythm by touching the right colours every time you play. You win when you succeed in all 5 levels.
Slide tiles in a logical way in order to arrive at the correct solution.
This is a speed game. Try to dodge all the meteorites with your ship, as fast as you can.
*New quizzes and games are going to be added with every new update.
Please stay tuned for new updates coming soon!
For further information, visit again the Home Page of

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